Dental Restorations

A Toronto Bridge

Indications for the dentist selecting this type of restoration for the patient..

Patient is a world wide traveller, should one of the crowns fail / fracture on the Toronto frame, it can be conventionally replaced by a general dental practitioner any where in the world.

A Zirconia Frame

Zirconia frame ready for porcelain application

This has been milled in house on one of Mojos milling machine.

Full arch restoration

Ceramic utilising pink gum work to reduce clinical length of the tooth.

Full arch

Soft tissue removed from the model to show position of implant placement and connection.

Tatum implant system

Metal frame on Tatum implant system.

Tatum implant system

Complete porcelain on the Tatum implant frame.



Milled Bar

Milled bar designed by Mojo Dental Lab and milled in Switzerland


N.b All cases shown were produced at Mojo Dental Lab and have been successfully fitted.